Thinking Of You SMS

No matter whether you see them or not you cant stop thinking about them.Let them know whats on your mind, you may be surprised to find that they too were thinking about you

Empty Message is beautiful

Cute thought:-}
" An empty message also lucks beautiful,
if U like the sender."

Misunderstanding is Very Poisonous

" A single moment of misunderstanding is vry poisonous,,,,bcoz wit in a minute it makes us frget the hundreds of lovable moments spent together"........

I think u think

Best msg ever to a busy frnd:
i think of u,
U think of me.
the diff is,
wen i think of u i send u msg,
u think of me after receving my msg..:)"

It is Hard to forget

"Remembering is easy for those who have brains.....:)
Forgetting is hard for those who have heart.....!!!!

Invisible link between hearts

Invisible link between hearts

"Staying far never breaks a relation".
"Staying near never builds a relation".
"Its a invisible link b/w hearts, that keeps relation special".

Door mignt never open unless you ring the bell

"Words can hurt ur feelings,
But silence breaks ur heart!!
So always speak what u want to say, bcoz door might never open unless u ring d bell".

Keep in touch near or far apart

"It's hard at times 2 keep in touch wit dose who realy mean so much,but side by side or far apart; people like u lives alwys inside our heart".

Entry of new persons cannot replace the missed ones

"The entry of new persons can make ur life more beautiful...
but that will not fill the place of missed ones".

Heart keeps thinking about you

Mind says to forget you
Becoz you can never be mine
Heart just doesn't listen.....
It keeps thinking about you
Wishing and hoping that
You would come back

Cant stop thinking about them

You don’t want to think about them
becoz you know they cannot be yours
But the harder you try to forget them
the harder it is to forget them.

sms seems to be small but sending heart remembers you a lot

A raindrop may look too small,
but somewhere a thirsty flower waits for its fall.
An sms seems to be small,
but a sending heart remembers U a lot...

Thinking of someone even when you are busy

Missing someone when you are alone
is not affection...
but thinking of someone
even when you are busy
is called real affection...

Never ignore a person who likes you

Never ignore a person who likes u,
cares for u n misses u,
coz 1 Day u may wake up frm ur sleep
n realise that u' ve lost
d moon while counting stars.

Moments spent with a special person

Moments spent with a special person will always remain special It doesnt matter whether we meet them or not And there is always a space reserved in our heart Becoz we can never let go such a person

Happiest person in the world

Always hoping that
we will meet someday
But if that someday was today
I will be the happiest person in the world