Take Care Sms

Its all about caring for someone in a special way

Nice lines of care

None of us is so immature 4 nt beng able 2 handle & takecare of ourselvs
Bt we dont wana b mature
Coz v luv it wen sum1 cares 4 us

The taste of food and care of ppl

The taste of food can b enjoyed only when v r hungry..
Same way.,
The care of true people wil be known only when we are alone

I care for you in my own special way

"Friendship dont expect respect,
But waits 4care in every aspect.
I care 4u in my own special way.
May b u'll never know &
May b i'll never show.!"

Remember me at least once

Care is what i can offer to you,
peace is what i wish 4 u,
happiness is what i gift 4 u,
but but but but
remembrance is what i need from you!

Share care love and celebrate every moment

"We think there is a long time to live
but we never know which moment is the last.
So share care, love & celebrate every moment.