Sorry SMS

Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say and when you feel sorry from the depth of your heart you can be sure you will be forgiven.Express your feelings before it is too late

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Sorry seems to be the hardest word in the world.But if someone says I am sorry it doesnot mean that they are wrong and the other person is right.Relationship is more important than his ego

Apologising for the mistake

Everyone makes mistakes in life.Not eveyone are ready to apologise for their mistake.Because thats the hardest thing to do.And If you have apologised then thumps up to you.

A heartfelt sorry

You might have hurt somebody unintentionally and a heartfelt sorry may go a long way in saving your relationship

Person who forgives has a big heart

Person apologising is not small or big but the person who forgives that person has a big heart.Please forgive me if you can.


No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue,they still stay together in one mouth,that's the spirit of FORGIVENESS.

Sorry trust and mistakes

Nice saying:
Sorry works when mistake is made.. but sorry doesn't work when trust is broken... So in life do mistakes but never break de trust...

Forgive instead of taking revenge

Someone asked GOD:
"Who is your favorite person..?
GOD replied: 'The one who has the power to take revenge but chooses to forgive".......

No Time Is Wrong To Do The Right Thing

"when time is never ready to wait for us,
then why do we always wait for the right time...?
No time is wrong to do the right thing"........!!

A new way of asking someone to tell you sorry

Dear custmer, v r canceling ur sms facility.
Records show that u have no outgoing sms since many days.
2 retain service send 'SORRY' to

You Forgive people becoz U still want them in ur life

"Sometimes u forgive people simply
u still want them in ur life".

Forgive the person who hurts you

Forgive the person who hurts you
When you dont forgive
its like consuming poison
and waiting for that person to die

Sorry and smile can make everything back to normal again

Sweet lines, The best kind of Relation in the world iz d one, In which a sorry n a smile can make everythng back to normal again.:-) Gm."