Smile SMS

An amazing collection sms text messages to keep a smiling always

Smile is a source

Smile is a source to win a Heart
Smile is a name of lovely mood
Smile creates greatness in personality
So Smile always in your life.

Smile is inexpensive to improve looks

A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks..
I dont know how your day was began,
bt my wish is your day ends with a smile... ok?

Inexpensive way to look good

"A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks".

Be the reason for smile on somebody's face

To be the reason for
Smile on somebody's face
is a great feeling
that one can have

Something is missing in you

Something is missing in you
search in your bag in your pocket
Your Smile is missing from your face
Now its fine!

Smile goes a long way

A smile goes a long way.
But you must start it on its journey.
Keep smiling!

Smile is a powerful weapon

Smile is a powerful weapon.
You look beautiful when you smile.
So flash your brightest smile today.

Spread smile spread happiness around you

A smile brings comfort all around
And is contagious too.
Spread smile around you
spread happiness

Smile begets you a friend

A smile begets you a friend
but a frown begets you an enemy
Keep smiling!

Confident smile is the sweetest revenge

A confident smile can be
the sweetest revenge to
someone who has hurted you.............:)

When you are the owner of your smile

Small bt very nice: When ur d owner of ur smile, den None can make u cry!!:- Be happy . have a great weekend

Never give any one chance to snatch your smile

Ma advice 2 u:- Never giv a chance 2 any1 to snatch your smile. Remember ! The world is for u, you are not for D world! Be special always:-) good eveng