Relationship SMS

Any form of bond is a relationship which could include the bond between the friends, bond between husband and wife, the bond between brother and sister, bond between father and a son

Relationship will never DIE

Relationship will never DIE by natural Death....!!
That is always murdered by ego, attitude & ignorance..!!!!

Lifeline of any Relationship

"Communication is the lifeline of any relationship"
wn u stop communicating,
u start losing ur valuable relationships.
So b in touch wit every1.

When someone stops getting angry

A true fact:
"When someone stops getting angry on u,
it is clear that u have lost ur importance from their life"

A True And Caring Relation

A true and caring relation
does not have to speak loud,
a soft SMS is just enough
to express the heartfelt feelings.
Enjoy the colorful life.

Assumptions spoil relationship

Nice thought:
Never make your own assumptions
until u know the actual truth,,,,
Because that will spoil ur relationship wit the others...:

Relationships end too soon

Sweet lines:
"Relationships end too soon...
Because people stop putting d same efforts
to keep u as dey did to win u".......

Relations are like paintings

Relations r alwys illusive jus lyk paintings
It cn mean sumthing 2 u..
Bt Apears difernt 2 othrs.
Its up 2 u hw beautifuly u def9 n admire it :)"

Making and Breaking of a Relationship

Two simple lines:
"Don't make any close relation without full understanding
and dont break any close relation wit small misunderstanding ".......

True relationship will never go apart

"Relationship does not need hours of togetherness
& daily conversation.
As only memories are kept in true HEART
true relationship will never go apart"......:)

Reason for every misunderstanding

"What is the reason for every misunderstanding...?
The reason is ....
We see the people as we are, But not as they are..!!!!!

Nothing is there in this messagef

What ..................
Nothing is there in this is there in this message

Make time for love and relations

"Work hard, but make time for your love and relations.

Every relation needs to be nourished

It is not enough to sow the seeds
Every relation needs to be nourished
For it grow into a healthy plant
And bear beautiful flowers and fruits.

Just becoz something is not working

Just becoz something is not working
You need not break it
Every relation has two sides to it
Lets accept the fact
And try to focus on finding the solution

Too much silence is bad in all relationships

Some time v maintain silence
To protect 1 Beautiful Relation
Too much silence creates
group of tears in all
Beautiful Relations....

Relationships are like birds

Relationships are like birds.
If you hold tightly they die
If you hold loosely they fly
But if you hold with care
They remain with you forever

Trust is like an elastic being stretched by two people

Trust z lik an elastic being stretched by 2 people,
as long as u hold on it u wil b happy.
The moment one leaves, another gets the terrible pain.

Good relations don t need any promises

Good Relations don't need any
Promises, Terms or Conditions.
It just need two WonDerFul people,
ONE who can "Trust" and One who can "Understand"

People usually change for two reasons

People usually change for 2 reasons:
Its either thy have learnt a lot that
thy want 2 change or
thy hv been hurt a lot
tht thy need 2 change

Affection is always greater than perfection

Never leave true relations for few faults
Nobody is perfect
Nobody is correct
And at the end
AFFECTION is always
Greater than PERFECTION...

Relationships and price tags

Forever and true lines Health, time and relationships doesn't come with price tags But, When we lose them we realize the cost .

Taste of relations increases with time

As time goes on, The taste of relations increases. Either it becomes more Sweet or More Salty And That depends only on what we add 2 it DAILY..