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When wealth is lost nothing is lost

“When wealth is lost nothing is lost,When health is lost something is lost, When character is lost all is lost”

Never worry in life

A beautiful quote “Do not worry if others do not understand you” Worry only if you cant understand yourself.Live in your passion and love your life.

I m Worth it

i'm not saying i'm perfect.. in fact i know that am far away from it. I'm just saying i'm worth it

Believe me

The word LIE sits right in the middle of the word BELIEVE

Truth Vs Lie

Telling the truth and making someone cry is always better than telling a LIE and making someone SMILE

Why are we Born

There are two great days in a persons life. The day we are born and the day we discover WHY!!!

Finished when you quit

A man is not finished when he is defeated;
he is finished when he QUITS.

Learn from mistakes

"U learn from ur mistakes;
Then others will learn from ur success"

Adjustment or argument ?

Effective lines: " Adjustment is always better than Arguments."

Meaningful Silence

Very Effective lines:
" A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words."

Pray for others

Beautiful lines on temple wall:
" Pray for others sometime &
u might never need to pray for yourself again."

Believe in creating an history

"A person going around the world is not history,
But the world coming behind a person is history
and i believe making that kind of history".

Eyes are sweet and heart is sweet

A Beautiful Saying
If Ur Eyes R Swt U Would Like All The People Of The World.
If Ur Heart Is Swt All The People Of The World ll LIKE U

People know the cost of everything

Take time to understand this:
"People know the cost of everything,,,,
"They don't know the value of anything"....!!!

Trying to impress or express

Learn 2 Express Rather dan Impress Expressing
Evokes A "Me Too" Attitude While Impressing
Evokes A "So What" Attitude Feel d Difference..

You need to dive deep to understand me

Always grow with a personality full of
depth and gravity
not open for anyone to understand
without diving deep into you

Beauty is in heart not in face

Quote by Abdul Kalam
I am not a HANDSOME guy....
But I can give my HAND to SOME
one who needs help
Beauty is in heart, not in face!

EGO is a double edged sword

Excellent lines by Swami Vivekananda..
EGO always s a double edged sword,
Which cuts popularity in d outer world
And purity in d inner World

Two things are infinite

Two things r infinite:
the universe
human stupidity
I'm not sure about the universe.
-Albert Einstein.....