Positive Thinking Sms

Think positively no matter what happens in your life.It will help you live your life to the fullest.

Conquer the disease called worry

Conquer the disease called WORRY before it conquers you

Waves come before rise

Waves come before a rise.Don't get disheartened if nothing is going as per your plan.

Be generous like a flower

Be generous like a flower
And you will get the benefit
Like a little fragrance always lingers
on the hand that plucks it

Keys to unlock Happiness

Keys for Happiness
Understanding and Forgiving
are the two keys
to unlock Happiness.

Person who fails in love can win

A person who's succeeds in love,
can win the life.
But, A person who fails in love,
can win the world""""----

Dont worry when life pulls you back

An arrow can be shot only
by draging it backwards.
So whenever life pulls u back,
Dont worry!
Its going to lead u ahead
with immense force...

Every bad situation will have something positive

Every bad situation will
have something positive.
Even a stopped clock
shows correct time twice a day
Think of this..
Be positive in life....

To keep others happy

It is just not possible to keep others happy if you are not happy. Think about it....

What you strongly believe in

If you strongly believe in something it will definitely happen Whether you believed in something good or something bad Believe in the right thing and experience the miracle coz miracles happen to everybody!

Excellent words by Vivekananda

Excellent Words by Vivekananda: Appreciate Urself positively before doing anything, U can find a lot of changes in Ur performance.

When you do a work without any enthusiasm

When you do a work without any enthusiasm just for the sake of doing it its like using only 50% of your potential!