One Liners SMS

It consists of motivational one liners

Hunger knows no ethics

Hunger knows no ethics

A mountain remains unaffected

A mountain remains unaffected by the barks of dogs.

Delhi is not built in a day

Delhi is not built in a day

Save from Anger

If you want to save yourself,Save from Anger.

A wound caused by fire

A wound caused by fire can be cured but there is no cure for wound caused by the tongue.

God is like air which you

God is like air which you can feel but not see.

A healthy poor man is better

A healthy poor man is better than wealthy sick man.

To punish a bad doer

To punish a bad doer is to make him shy with your good deeds to him.

Good people never hurt

Good people never hurt others even if they are hurt.

Time is a one way traffic

Time is a one way traffic.

never bother about praise

Holy people never bother about praise or insult.

God is everywhere

God is everywhere but difficult to find like ghee in milk.

Life is a bubble

Life is a bubble of water;Enjoy it before it breaks.

Happy moments

Happy moments move faster than unhappy ones

A kite can fly

A kite can fly high in the sky but cannot equal an eagle .

CAT has 9 lives

It is said that CAT has 9 lives but I say a RAT has 90 lives.

Learn to live like

Learn to live like crows with your kin and kith

The art of sharing

The art of sharing can be learnt from crows.

A matchstick can light

A matchstick can light a lamp but also cause huge destruction.

Music for one

Music for one may be noise for others.

Forgetting a bad incident

Forgetting a bad incident is better than forgiving the perpetrato

Selfhelp is the best help

Selfhelp is the best help

Save for tomorrow

Save for tomorrow but don't starve today.

Eat when you are hungry

Eat when you are hungry but not when you are bored.

Coconut tree always gives sweet

Coconut tree always gives sweet water even if it grows in dirty water.

Lotus blooms

Lotus blooms from slush only

Sleep is a must

Sleep is a must like food for good health

Only crying child is fed

Only crying child is fed

Cant change others

You can't change others but you can change yourself

befriend a dog

You can use a bread piece to befriend a dog or to catch a rat.

An ideal mind is

An ideal mind is a devil's workshop but don't make it a factory.

Be greatful like a

Be greatful like a dog but don't become a mad dog

Work hard but dont slog

Work hard but don't slog like a donkey

A door half closed

A door half closed is a door half open

Eat what is required

Eat what is required for your health and not for your tongue

A snake is feared

A snake is feared even by a snake catcher

A banayan tree may

A banayan tree may produce a million seeds but all may not become trees.

A true leader commands

A true leader commands respect but never demands

river is full of water

Even if the river is full of water you can take only what your pot can hold

Humbleness of the grass

Cyclone may uproot many big and mighty trees but not a humble grass

health is better

Eating for health is better than eating for taste

Meaning of life

Don't think life means only for eating

Right thing at the right time

Work while you work,Play while you play,Eat while you eat

Attitude matters in life

Take it easy attitude makes life easier

Revenge on anyone

Don't take revenge on any bad doer but leave it to the expert 'GOD'.

Willpower is important

Willpower is important

Willpower is the basic requirement for achieving anything in life.

Everybody has two sides

Bad people are not always bad;Good people are not always good.

Honey that hurts

Honey bees sting you but their honey sweetens you.

Good time and Bad time

Good time begets good things;Bad time begets bad things.

Trees are immortal protect them

Trees are useful to society when they are alive as well as dead unlike man.

Purity is not in color

All that appears white is not milk.

Rain that nourishes or flourishes

Rain is a maker and also a taker of life.

Guide our children in the right path

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders.

Let things be as they are

No hammer is required to break an egg.

Junk food vs health

Good health is inversely proportional to white food.

Your every deed is accounted

There is no place for people to live in this world without money also there is no place for people in the other world without good deeds in this world.

Be a child at heart

Be like children to immediately forget the bad things.

Use time economically

Time wasted can never be regained.

Tenure of life

Each day is a sword which cuts your life.

Nobility vs knowledgebality

Teaching profession is a noble profession provided the teacher knows the subject well.

Appearences are deceptive

Don't believe a barking dog though it may not bite.

Incompetence vs blame game

Incompetant dancer will blame the stage for her failure.

Dont get carried away by beauty

Rose plant have beautiful roses as well as nasty thorns.

Pleasing a guest the best way

The best way to please a guest is to offer tasty food with a smiling face.

Escapism to avoid anger

Avoid anger to escape from hangover.

Difference between today and yesterday

Enjoy today before it becomes yesterday.

Past Present and Future

Past is no more,Future is not certain,Present is before you,make use of it the most.

Present is in your hand

Take care of the present, Future will take care of itself.

The power of prayer

Praying God helps.

Struggle but overcome them

Life is full of struggle and there is no shortcut to overcome them.

Genius or Evil

Genius by birth , and evil by choice.

Think and Speak

Always think and speak , don't speak and think..

Decision taking

Take decisions , if you fail you lose , if you win you will be wise.

Will be back soon

I will be back with my same attitude.

Bleed to Beat me

Somebody may beat me but they are going to have to bleed to do it.

Deserve my Kindness

I'm not mean, you just don't deserve my kindness.

Crowd follow you

Don't follow the crowd, make the crowd follow you

Never find delight

Never find ur delight in others mis fortune..

Giving up a relationship

The minute you think of giving up any relation
think of the reason why you held it so long.

Wrong people right lessons

Ultimate Truth of life-
Always wrong people teach the right lessons of life..!!

Dreams and Smile can do anything

" The dreams of a man and the smile of a woman can do anything in this world".....!!!

Punish or forgive

If u want to punish someone, think and act but if u want to forgive someone, then do it immediately.

Special to someone

Best & Fact quote:-) We are special to some one untill they find Another..

A short and sharp thought

Short but sharp..!! ""Only a beautiful affection can give the deepest pain""

The pursuit of truth

"The pursuit of truth does not permit violence on one's opponent".

If the LOSER keeps his smile

"If the LOSER keeps his smile
the WINNER will lose the thrill of the victory".

No one can rise suddenly

"No one can rise suddenly in the world,not even the SUN".

Experience is gained when you do not get what you want

"Experience is what u get wen u do not get what u want"

The word trust matters a lot

"Trust is the foundation of every relationship"

Day by day nothing much changes

"Day by day nothing much changes,
but when u look back,everything is different".

JUST KIDDING is a superb excuse

"JUST KIDDING" is a superb excuse to get out of something that u actually don't want to say"

Believe in yourself to achieve anything

Belief in self is most important to achieve anything in life.

Being aware of our deepest feelings

Beautiful quote
Deepest Feeling Is Alwys Felt In Silence

The only true wisdom

The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing"":-):-)

Beautiful sentence

We need Everything 'permanent' in a 'temporary' Life