Sometimes you miss somebody so much and letting your sweet friend know about makes it even more special

Not a minute goes by without thinking about you

Days may go by without seeing you Hours may go by without speaking to you Not a minute goes by without thinking about you MISS YOU A LOT

Just miss it

Excellent quote:If you want to know the value of anything.”JUST MISS IT”.


Sometimes special people come into our life only to teach how to live without them. Sad but true..

Entire world is unpopulated

The entire world luks unpopulated whn u miss someone truely

Losing Someone for something

We can always loose 'something' 4 'someone'
we should not loose 'someone' 4 'something'
'life can return that 'something'
but not that 'someone'':)

Missing a good relation

Missing a good relation in life is equal to cheating the life by ourselves. so let us never miss anyone till end of our life

Love to miss the person whom you like the most

"Memories are sweeter than meetings"
how far away the person is,
their memories will be so close.
So love to miss d person whom u like d most"

Though u miss them u never lose them

"Some people in life r always a part of u,
Even though u miss them u never lose them.
Bcoz u find the memories of time spent together still living in U".

Entire world is underpopulated when U miss someone truly

"The entire world will look like underpopulated when u miss someone truly".

You will be in my heart

No matter where life leads you and me.
You will be in my heart in all I do.
Miss you a lot.

Few friends feel the pain of departure

Super Quote,
Only a few People can feel d Rain,
Others just get Wet..!
Much awesum:
Only a few friends can feel d pain of Depart,
Others just Find another..!

When you miss someone whom you like

Classic Thought : The entire world Will Look like unpopulated when you miss someone whom you like truely