Life SMS

The meaning of life is the one that you give it.Live life as per your terms and inspire your near and dear ones with life messages about life.

Life is a rope that swings

Life is a rope that swings us through hope Always believe today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be much better than today.

Lesson of Life

Lesson of Life by Bill Gates:”See the clock only when you have no work.Don't see the clock when you are working,Clock is a lock for success.

Perfect life with perfect moments

“Life never turns the way we want...But we live it d best way we can ..There's no perfect life...but we can fill it with perfect moments”

Believe in YOURSELF

Never discuss your success and Never worry about ur failure,Because both will effect ur next step Believe in URSELF;Move on and win a Life.

Fate controls your destiny?

It is easy to believe fate decides destiny when we are too weak to take control of our destiny

Life teaches us many lessons

We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful, some painless. But all are priceless!

Be ready for everything in life

AlWaYs B rEaDy fOr eVeRyThinG iN LyF.. CoZ LyF is ToO shOrT N v dOn'T Ve TyM 2 pRaCtIcE EvErYthInG B4 iT HaPpEnS!!!!

The way we see us may not be the way others see us

“ the audience see a joker as a comedian. But d joker sees himself as a performer” “ life s also a circus, d way v see ourself, may not b d way others see us”

People act true to your face

Great quote:”Life is not about the people who act true to your face...It's about the people who remain true behind your back”

Tips to play safe in the game of life

3 Simple tips to be safe in the game of life-Don't promise when u r Happy Don't reply when u are Angry and Don't decide when u r sad

Lie is better than truth

A lie never breaks any relationship..But a truth will surely do it...Sadly true.

lie never breaks any relationship

A lie never breaks any relationship..But a truth will surely do it...Sadly true.

The best feeling

The best feeling in the world is realizing that you are perfectly happy without the thing once you thought you needed the most

The best feeling

The best feeling in the world is realizing that you are perfectly happy without the thing once you thought you needed the most

Think when you say busy

Its very Easy to say Busy when Someone Needs you!!
its very Painful to Hear Busy when you Need Someone..!!

Great lines for today

Don't try to be different, just be good. Because now a days just being good itself is different..

People change with situation

A hatredness towards a thing at d present would turn into a lovable thing in future...
Ppl change as d situation changes..- true fact

Hold good relations

It is not important to hold many good relations in ur hand,
it's more important how we protect the relations which we hold.

A sweet saying

Always carry some madness in ur life
because that is the only thing that can keep ur innocence alive.

A true saying

A true saying
Your best relation is d One, who is d first1 to come to ur mind when u want to share something

Wrong kind of people

Wrong kind of ppl hate u for gud in u..
Right kind of ppl love u even after knowing bad in u..
That makes perfect definition of relation.""

Reason for misunderstanding

A Man to Vivekananda:
What is the reason for every misunderstanding.?

Vivekananda:-The reason is, we see the people as we are, but not as they are.!

Sign of humanity

Speaking without Ego!
Loving without intentions!
Caring without~ expectations! Helping without Selfishness
Is the sign of true humanity!!!

Change the texture of thoughts

Change the texture of your thoughts & your life will change.
The future is not something we await,
It is something we create.....:)

Moments make lifetime

Read this properly:
Moments make a lifetime.
Its not necessary to spend years with someone.
Its just the moments spent with someone that defines life...

Life and ECG

Fact of lyf:
The ups & downs in life are also very important to keep us going,
coz a straight line even in an ECG means we r not alive

Most powerful man

Best Message Forever:
Even the Most Powerful Man is Weaker in front of the Most Happiest Man in the World
So Always Be Happy....

No one will understand

*Perfect Pearl*
Remember that..
No One will Understand you in Life Perfectly,
Just give Credit to Them Who have Atleast Tried to Do it"".:-)

Pencil to erase mistakes

We Used Pencil When We Were Small
But Now
We Use Pens Or Ball Pen... Do U Know Why?
Bcz Mistakes In Childhood Can Be Erased But
Not Now..
Strange But True

Poor men and rich men

Poor men walks miles and miles to earn food...
Rich men walk miles and miles to digest food...
->way of life..

Smile on your face

Having a smile on ur face is a gud compliment to life but putting a smile on other's face by ur efforts is th best compliment to life..

Everything happens for good

Anything dat happens is 4 a good reason
Anything that doesnt happen is only for very good reason
Trust these words U'll love ur life...

When you pray

When u pray for others,
God listens to U
blesses them.
sometimes wen u are safe & happy,
Remember that som1 has prayed for u too.:)

Body pain and relationships

A very cute but meaningful quote :
You never pay attention to a part of body till it pains.
Dont let it happen in Relationships.

Laugh when u can

Laugh when u can..
Apologise when u shud..
And let go off wat u cnt change!
Life's too short 2b worried abt anythin !!!!
Jus move on n stay happy. :>

Pair of walking legs

Live LIFE like a pair of walking legs,
the foot that is fwd has no pride &
the foot behind has no shame bcoz they both know their situations will change!

We care for special one

Life is so stupid.
An ordinary person makes us laugh
a very spcl person always makes us cry!
But v still care for d special one

Lead a happy life

Best thing to lead a Happy life:
Forget who hurted u yesterday,
don't forget those who Loves u still today

Erasers are made for

An old man said "Erasers r made 4 thos who make mistakes"
A youth replied "Erasers r made 4 thos who r willing 2 correct their mistakes"
dats attitude.

Everybody special at first sight

Very beautiful sentence 2 life...
everybody seems 2 b special at 1st sight.
Only very few'll remain special 2 u till ur last sight.:-)

Talking about eachother

A very beautiful thought :
A Lot Of Trouble In The World wil Disappear If evryone Learn 2 Talk
'TO' each other,
Instead of talking
'ABOUT' each other.

God when i lose hope

Beautiful Prayer-
GOD wen I lose hope,help me 2 remember dat ur luv is greater dan my disappointments &
ur plans 4 my life r better dan my dreams

Expectations are a gift

Expectations are a gift, not a curse
When people expect something from you,
it means you have given them reasons to believe in you.

Mistakes and experience

"Mistakes increase ur experience and experiences decrease ur mistakes"

Man asked God

This is most meaningful message:
Man asked GOD: " Give me everything to enjoy LIFE"
GOD replied: " I have given LIFE to enjoy everything."

Try to find answers only to find Life change to questions

"Life is complicated, :-
dont try to find answers...:-
Because wen u find the answers,,,:-
Life changes to the questions......

To gain true knowledge

True Knowledge can be gained only in one way,
And that is experience....
there is no other way.

Cute truth Of Life

Cute truth of LIFE:
"We still wait for our special one to message us daily......:
But we forget that they think the same........:

Death vs Life

Death asked to Life:
Why does everyone hate me and only love you?
Life replied:Because i am a beautiful lie and u are a painful truth.

That s LIFE

Real fact:
Success always hugs you in private....!
Failure always slaps you in the public
that's life...!.

Beautiful Beginning with Uncertain Endings

A strange fact:
Sometimes in life u like a person, u want to spend time with them!
you don want to call this relation as LOVE
And people cant hear it as FRIENDSHIP..!
Like this some stories have a beautiful beginning but uncertain endings...!!

Live laugh and die

Live for d 1 who dies to see ur smile.
Laugh with d 1 who cries when u break down.
die for the 1 who cares for u more than their own lyf...

Time moves on

Time mOves On and we later regret..
FOr things nOt dOne,
FOr wOrds nOt said,
FOr luv nOt shOwn.
Life's tOO shOrt,
wat makes u happy:-)

Trust is like a sticker

Nice lines:
"Trust is like a sticker,
once it is removed, it may stick again
not as it holds when u first applied it"

The Way Of Life

The way we came to know each other,
the way we first spoke,
d way we relate today.
its amazing how unknown people become
indispensable part of our life...;

Three Important Philosophies

!!!! 3 important Philosophies !!!!
1. Ability can never remain hidden.
2. No injury is deeper than insult.
3. The start of tension is the end of talent.

Life is too short

Life is too short
laugh instantly,
love truly
forgive quickly.

Never play with others feelings

"Never play any game with the feelings of others
u may win the game
the risk is that
u will lose the person for a life time"

Expect more from urself than from others

Expect more from urself than from others,,,,
Bcoz Expectations from others hurt a lot,,,,
While Expectations frm urself inspire a lot".
that's LIFE

Leave the one who treats you like an option

" If any one treats U like an option...
just leave them like a choice".....

Dare to face anything in life

Without crossing d worst situations,
no one can touch d best corners of LIFE..!!!
Dare to face anything in life.
Never mind what others say or Think of U!!!!

Seven lovely logics to stay happy

Seven lovely logic's:-
1.Make peace with ur past so it does not spoil ur present.
2.What others think of u is none of ur business.
3.Time heals almost everything, give d time for sometime.
4.No one is a reason of ur happiness except urself.
5.Dont compare ur life with others u have no idea what their journey is all about.
6.Stop thinking too much, its alright not 2 know all d answers.
7.Smile!! u dont own all d problems in the world.

Memories are always special

"Memories are always special..!
Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried..!!
and we cry by remembering the days we laugh...!!
that's LIFE.

Its amazing how we manage to SMILE in the hardest times

"When we were SMALL,
we had so much to laugh but we still CRIED.
But, now we have so much to cry but we still manage to SMILE"

Memories of some people who touched us like waves

Life is just like a sea,
we r moving without end.
Nothing stays with us.
What remains is just the memories of some people
who touched us as waves.

Enjoy every moment of LIFE

There is always another chance for everything in life.
But,the fact is that
there is no chance of another LIFE....
So enjoy every moment of ur life.

People never appreciate easy things

I ask life:
Why are u so difficult?
Life smiled and said: "People never appreciate easy things"....!!!

Some memories make us forget time and life sweeter

"Time can make u forget some memories,
But there r some memories
which make us forget time
and those memories make life sweeter".

Learn to trust inspite of the droughts

"Life is at its weakest
wen there's more droughts than trust...:)
but Life is at its strongest
wen u learn how to trust in spite of the droughts".

No Royal road to success

"Lose your fear"
"Follow your dreams"
There is no royal road to success
but after success every road become royal".

Life laughs smiles and salutes

Charlie Chaplin:
Life laughs at u when u are unhappy..
Life smiles at u when u are happy..
But, Life salutes u when u make others happy.

Either U change urself according to the situation or change the situation itself

"Educated people change themselves according to the situation,,,
But Experienced people can change the situation according them".

Never take life seriously

"Never take life seriously no one gets out alive".

Some people are afraid of getting committed

"Some people are afraid of getting committed
not bcoz they can not believe someone,,,,
But bcz they can not get the time they had believed someone".

Lovely times of ur life will stay in the heart forever

"Lovely times of ur life will not return back ,,
But the lovely relations & the missing memories
will stay in the heart forever".

How great Life would be

How great would it be,,,,,,,,
If at the end of the day,
life would ask us ,,,,,,,,
"Save changes".......

Life is a game of chess

Life is like a chess game.
There should not be any move without valid reason.
Once U moved to a wrong position, it's very difficult 2 set back...

A real line with a small meaning

Small But Somehow Real Line:-
Everything which we Want,
Always Comes After we Stop Looking for it..!

Real beauty of life

"Clean heart is real beauty of life".

Happiness comes when the search ends

You keep searching for happiness
But happiness comes to you
When you stop searching
Thats life!

Life is like a game of chess

Life is like a game of chess
You seem to be winning
But you end in checkmate
Your success depends on
strategies you choose

Never wait for something to happen

Never wait for something to happen
For it may be too late
And we will be forced to accept
what has happened
whether we like it or not

Difference between winners and losers

The difference between Winners and Losers
Losers do only things they like
they don't do things they do not like .
Winners always do the things
not becoz they like doing it
but becoz it is necessary.

Costliest price which you cant afford in life

To let go of the
One who can understand
your sorrow behind your smile
your love behind your anger
your emotions behind your silence
is the costliest price
which you can't afford in life.

Takes a lifetime to learn what not to speak

Unbeatable thought
It takes around 2 yrs to learn to speak
It takes a lifetime to learn what not to speak

Everything is Prewritten but nothing can be Rewritten

Fantastic quote about life
Everything is 'Prewritten'
but nothing can be 'Rewritten'
So live the life the best and
Leave the rest to God...

Life is a novel of mystery

Life is a novel of mystery
You never know which page will
bring a good twist in the story
Keep on reading coz happiness
comes when it is most unexpected....

They are just used less

Everybody is useful in someway or the other
Nobody is totally useless
They are just used less
So we need to find how one can be used
instead of terming somebody useless

Maturity is not when we start speaking big things

Words 4rm d pages of life
Maturity is Not When We Start Speaking
"BIG Things",
It is,
When We Actually Start UNDERSTANDING
"SMALL Things"

Reality of Life is better than a dream

The reality of
life is better
than a dream could be...
I wonder how people find
time to hatE, when
life is too short to LoVE...!!!"""

At times life is crazy

Life's crazy-
wat u want u dont get,
wat u get u dont Njoy,
wat u Njoy is not permanent,
wat is permanent is boring...
Dats life....

When you are in light everything will follow you

Golden Words of Hitler:
When u are in light..
Everything will follow u..
when u enter dark..
Even ur own shadow will not follow u..
This is life..

Misunderstanding arises when you believe someone deeply

wen u belive sum1 deeply,
misunderstanding arises,
bt don't fight 4 it
coz sum misunderstanding is needed
4 gud understanding.
it's lyf's secret..

Never stop learning from life

Life gives numerous opportunities To learn new skills or improve yourself The day you stop learning Is the day you stop living

Life does not wait for you

Nicely said: Lyf doesnt wait for u to get back on ur feet.. All it does n teaches is 'Moving On'.. Whether ur drownin in tears or swimmin in smiles!:)gud nyt

Achieve anything in this world

Nice lines frm Napolean: The Dreams of a Man... And The smile of a Woman... Can achieve Anything in this World...!!:-)

Smiling at things that are never going to be yours

Nice thought :-) Life is all about just smiling at the things which are not going to be your s :-)

deciding on whether to go to a place

Thought For Lifetime:) Never Go To A Place Where You r Not Invited And Never Be In A Place Where You r Not Needed. BCoz, In Both d Cases, U Lose Ur Value... Gn..

No reason to hangout with them

Sometimes it is better to let go of some people coz wen you know that they really dont care for you there is no reason to hangout with them as it makes no difference to them anyways.

Remembered for how you made them feel

After many years, Nobody will remember how you looked or what you did You will be remembered only for how you made them feel

Life is like a bubble of water

Life is like a bubble of water Live it meaningfully today and everyday.

Be happy with the little you have

Be happy with the little you have.There are some people with nothing who still manage to smile.:):)

Satisfied life is better than successful life

Satisfied life is better than successful life because our success is measured by others but our satisfaction is measured by our own soul,mind and heart.

You CAN'T be good enough for everybody

You CAN'T be good enough for everybody,but you will always be the BEST for the one who deserves you..

All relationships go through hell

All relationships go through hell,real relationships get through it.

There is a child inside each one of us

There is a child inside each one of us,who comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with.

Wealth is lost,nothing is lost

Wealth is lost,nothing is lost,Health is lost,something is lost,If character is lost,everything is lost!!

If you want something

If you want something you've never had before, You'll have to do something you've never done before in order to get it!!!

The best is yet to come.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.

God puts people in your life for a reason

God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them from your life for a better reason.