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Never wait to loose something to realise its value

Anything is valuable only in two situations:First: Before getting it! Second: After loosing it! In between we don't realise the value...!Never wait to loose something to realise its value.

Be so generous within that no richness on earth can buy U

Be so rich outside,that u can buy the most expensive thing U desire.But be so generous within,that no richness on earth can buy U.

Confidence and Hardwork

Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.It will make u a successful person.

Negative things can be shaped to Positive

SUPER SMS:”The plus symbol is made with two minus symbols!So all NEGATIVE things can be shaped as positives by our work and POSITIVE Thinking.

Spread happiness to others

Happiness is a perfume,You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself,So always be happy to make others happy!

Two simple tips to stay happy

TWO SIMPLE TIPS TO STAY HAPPY: Never think and speak about the third person. Never think what the third person thinks and speaks about U....!!

Inspiration is higher than reason

Inspiration is much higher than reason but it must not contradict it

Alphabet O

Alphabet 'O' stands 4 opportunity which is absent in yesterday,available 1s in today and thrice in tomorrow.Never loose Hope...

Surround yourself with people who know your worth

“Surround yourself with people who know ur worth.You don't need too many people to be happy,just a few real ones who appreciate you for exactly who you are.”

First impression is not ur last chance

“ U'll never get a second chance to make a first impression..but remember the first impression is not the last CHANCE!”

Three things to learn from a child

3 Things to learn from a CHILD (1)To be Happy 4 no reason. (2)To be always Busy doing something. (3)To knw hw to Demand small things without Ego.

Never let worry take over your happiness

Keep the Smile,Leave the tension,Feel the joy, Forget the worry,Hold the peace,Leave the pain, BE HAPPY

The Secret of Success

Learn frm yesterday,live 4 today,hope 4 tommorrow and D most imp thing is not 2 stop questioning abt what u don't know That's d Secret of Success.

Stand strong in every condition

TWO beautiful tips to stand strong in every condition “Never take help of tears to show your emotions” and “Never take help of words to show your anger”...

Smile vs Anger

Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind,but smile is an action which makes everything work faster except the tongue.

Smile is all you need

Beautiful lines by Charlie Chaplin “You need Power only when you want to do something harmful”,Otherwise ,”Smile is Enough to get everything done.”

Smile is the key for many solutions

“A single lovable smile is a proper key for many solutions and many confusions.!” 'So express ur cute smile every moment on your face....

Be happy at the moment

When we are in school we think we will be happy if we get admitted to a good college,When we get into college we think we will be happy if we get a good job,When we get a good job we think we will be happy if we get a promotion and it goes on on .....Be happy at the moment and stop postponing your happiness to the future.

Speed breakers make for thrilling journey

Goals may be Tough, Roads may be rough, Speed-breakers may be plenty But thats what makes the journey towards the goal thrilling.

Lessons come to those who are willing to learn

Life teaches different lessons only if one is willing to learn.Always be ready

Set your aim in life

Life without an aim is like a plane without a pilot.It goes nowhere and is just a waste of precious time.Don't let your life become aimless.

Make productive use of your time

Never waste time on useless things becoz you never know how the time flies by.Be sure that your time is spent on the important things of life.

Surround yourself with virtuous people in life

When a drop of water falls on a lotus leaf it sparkles like a pearl,When a drop of water falls inside an oyster it turns to a beautiful pearl.People whom you surround yourself with makes all the difference.Choice is yours.

Never regret a day in life

If your day was bad treat it as an experience and if your day was good take it as a guidance and you may never have to regret a day in life.

Every phase in life passes

If things have not turned out the way you wanted,Don't worry think that this phase will also pass and happier times will come becoz every phase in life passes.

Work smartly to achieve your desires

One must work hard to achieve the desired results is an old saying,Modern thought says Everyone works hard but only the smart ones get the things their hearts desire.

Wear the right attitude to be successful

What you speak and how you speak shows your attitude towards people.Wear the right attitude and no one can stop you from being SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE.

Never compare yourself with others

Never compare yourself with others and wish that you had their kind of life becoz eachone's journey in life is unique and you are insulting yourself by comparing yourself with others.

Never let speed breaks to stop you from enjoying your journey

Speedbreaks come in life to teach you a lesson or two.Never let them stop you from enjoying the journey of your life.If possible use them to make your life even more interesting.

Nothing is impossible in life

Nothing is impossible.There is possibility even in the word I m possible only if you care to see the posibility in every impossibility.Lead your life optimistically.

Cherish happy memories and work with fresh mind

Cherish happy memories,Forget your worries,Think positive,Smile and start your work with a fresh mind.

Turning point in life

Everybody comes across a turning point in life and the decision you take at that point determines your life.Make the right decision.

Never regret anything in life

Never regret for something that didn't happen,Never regret for something which happened becoz you cannot change anything and you don't want to regret later for something you din't do right now by thinking about your regrets!

Road less taken has lot of challenges

When you take the road less taken be ready to face the challenges that come along with the package if you want to achieve your goal.

Be a WINNER in life

There are many roads to reach a destination but the one who reaches it first is the winner.Be the first to make a difference

Life is as you see it to be

"Small meaningful thought:
''Nothing Is Interesting in life...,""
""If You Are Not Interested....'':-):-)
Gud eveng take care:-):-):)"

END is not the end

"End is not the end,
infact E.N.D is ''Effort Never Dies""
and If u get NO as answer,
N.O. is ""Next Oppurtunity"".
So always be positive..."

Fear of Failure

A superb Quote:::::-
"In order to succeed,,,,,, your desire for success should be stronger than ur fear of failure".....;

Convert your dream into your aim

Excellent words:
"Dream and Aim are sensational words.
Make ur dream as ur aim
never make ur aim as ur dream".
Remember it:-)

Things we Miss in Life

Most of the things v miss in the life are
due to Two reasons,,,,
1.Saying yes too late
2.Saying No too soon!!!
So think twice before u say..:)

Ingredients to become SUCESSFUL

Ingredients to become successful in LIFE
Paint your heart wit LOVE,
Fill ur mind wit PEACE,
Cover ur soul wit JOY,
Wrap ur dreams wit HOPE,
Enjoy ur life wit CONFIDENCE.....

Power of Smile and Silence

Successful people have two things on their "face"
1. Smile
>>>Smile can solve problems.
>>>Silence can avoid problems.

Self education vs traditional education

Traditional education helps you earn a living
Self education helps you earn fortunes

Easy come easy go

What comes easily - goes easily
What comes after lot of struggle - stays for lifetime

Never be afraid of facing failure

"Dont be afraid of facing failure in first attempt,
Even successful mathematics also starts with

Decide whether you want to gain Experience or Confidence

A wrong decision can double the "EXPERIENCE"
and correct decision double the "CONFIDENCE"......
So we must not worry in either case....!!!!

Find Seven Secrets of success in your room

7 secrets of success,,,
I found the answer in my room:
Roof Said: Aim High.
Fan Said: Be Cool
Clock Said: Every Minute Is Precious.
Mirror Said: Reflect Before U Act.
Window Said: See the World.
Calender Said:Be up to Date
Door Said:Push hard to achieve ur goals.

Think Positively for the best things to unfold

Positive thinking is not only about expecting the best to happen,......!
Its also about accepting whatever happens is for the best...!!!

Defeat is when you refuse to get up

Life is very similar to a boxing ring...........
Defeat is not declared wen u fall down......
Its declared wen u refuse to GET UP>>>>>>>

Worrying does not reduce sorrows

A great English saying
"worrying does not reduce yesterdays sorrows,
but it empties today's strength,
so dont worry stay happy".

You can turn every situation into an opportunity

"When mind is weak, Situations become problem...:)
When mind is balanced , Situations becomes challenge...:)
When mind is strong, Situations becomes opportunity"...:)

Your success is postponed

Cute definition of confidence:
"U have not failed,
your success is just postponed....!!!!

Face life alone and you will get support from everybody

Nice line from Hitler:
"Never try or beg for support from others.
Stand alone & face the life as a race,
then everyone will support U"

Way you behave determines your success in life

"Two things define ur success in life.
The way you behave when u have nothing,
the way u behave when u have everything.

Never lose faith in yourself

"Never lose faith in yourself,
u can do anything in the universe"

Working to win is the style of a champion

"Waiting to win is common to all ....
working to win is the style of a champion".

Think positively if you want to live life like a Celebration

"If u think positively "Sound becomes music",
"Moment becomes dance",
"Smile becomes laughter",
"Mind becomes meditation"
and "Life becomes celebration".

No medicine can cure a negative thinker

Real Truth:
" No Poison can kill positive thinker,,,,,>
"No medicine can cure negative thinker,,,,;

Think consciously and feel passionately

"What you think consciously & feel passionately about will manifest".

Million dollar Truth

Million dollar Truth:
If Saturday & Sunday dont excite u, then change ur friends.
If Monday does not motivate U, then change ur profession.

Inspiring sms of the year

Best inspiring msg of d century...
if u r born poor, its not ur mistake.
if u die poor its ur mistake" - BILL GATES.

U cant be made to feel inferior without ur consent

"No one can make u feel inferior without ur consent".

Select the place where u can shine

"If a drop of water falls into the lake, it has no identity ...
But if a drop falls on a rose, it will shine...
So select the place where u can shine"


"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart".

Life is to express yourself and not to impress someone

"U are born original dont die as a copy.
Dont care if someone does not like u,
U were not put on earth to please anyone
life is to express yourself
not to impress someone".

Success does not depend on making important decisions quickly

"Success does not depend on making important decisions quickly.......
But depends on ur quick action on important decisions".

Dont get disheartened if U cant impress everybody

"It is impossible to be good person in every one's eyes".

All are same but i am different

My way of Life
People laugh because I am different. And I laugh because the are all same. That's called Attitude Live it you own way...

Attitude decides whether you become a Winner or a Runner

Runner says "it is possible but risk"
Winner says "it is a risk but possible"

Work for the plan to work

Plan for the future
And work for the plan to work!
You never have to regret anything
in life !

Dont give up on anything

Don't give up on anything
Even before you try
Says the Winner

Work you do is directly proportional to the rewards you reap

Success comes to those who work hard.
The more you work,the more the rewards you reap.

Need not complain about a day in life

Do what you do wholeheartedly.
And you will not have to complain
about a day in your life.

Time is the best healer

Difficult times come,
Test your patience,
Tear you apart at times,
But remember always that
Time is the best healer.
Have a great day!

Learn your lessons and move on in life

Feeling sorry about your past mistakes
Will get you nowhere
Learn your lessons
And move on in life.

Deserve something much better

Sometimes we never get what we asked for
becoz you deserve something better than that.
You will get it only when you let go of
what you are holding on to.

You grow stronger with every hardship that you face

It is easy to give up when hardships come your way
But When you overcome an hardship
you grow stronger
Which ultimately defines your success

God has given us all the resources we need

God has given us all the resources we need
How we live is
our choice
we can either live happily
Or live in mystery

Try until you achieve victory

Success is never permanent
failure is never final
so always do not stop effort
until your victory makes a history..

The disease of trying to please everyone

The disease of trying to please evry1 wil eat u up.
Its better to earn a bad name & live a good life
Than to earn a good name & live a bad life.

Something good exists in every situation

There is always some good in every situation
all U have to do is look for it.

I am not totally useless

I am not totally useless coz
i can still be used as a bad example

In tough times you will find two hands eagerly waiting to help you

In tough times u will always find
two hands eagerly waiting 2 help u
& those hands will be
at the end of ur own arms.
Believe in urself......!!!!!

Sticking to your values will make you a stronger person

Sticking to your values will not
always make the road easy,
but it will make you a stronger person
for having traveled the toughest route.

Every problem in life carries a gift inside it

Every problem in life carries a gift inside it,
So whenever u loose something
dont get upset because
something may wait for u more than u lost.

Don t think that TIME will change our Life

Don't Think That 'TIME' Will
Change Our Life..
'TIME' Only Changes
The Expiry Dates Of
The 'Opportunities'! :-)

Sacrifice is greater than love

Sacrifice is greater than Love,
Character is greater than Beauty,
Humanity is greater than wealth.
But, nothing is greater than trust in your self...:)

Celebrate coz you did it

If you worked hard to achieve something But you dint achieve it means you focused in the wrong direction And if you achieved it Give yourself a pat on your back coz you did it And Celebrate!

Be passionate no matter what

Work done without passion is half done So no matter what be passionate in anything that you do coz that brings out the best in you And also you enjoy doing it in the first place

Sailing on a smooth road feels great but

If you are sailing on a smooth road Pause to see If you are sailing on the correct road

willing to risk or settle for

If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary:)

Reasons why you failed in the first place

We have heard that failures are the stepping stone of success, which is possible only if you start thinking of the reasons why you failed in the first place and not end up doing the same mistake. Otherwise this will remain only in the saying.

Never stop dreaming about the thing that you need the most

Never stop dreaming because only if you dream about the thing that you want to achieve will you be able to take atleast baby steps to realise THE DREAM.

Turn adversity into an opportunity

When adversity strikes It is upto you to turn it into an opportunity or to suffer as a victim

Believe in yourself and no task is impossible

Believe in yourself
And no task is impossible
For, you are determined to find a way
to complete the task at hand

One should not remain in the stepping stone itself

Failure is the stepping stone for success.
But one should remember not to
remain in the stepping stone itself.
but move on.

To cultivate good character requires lot of time and effort

Growing a tree
requires lot of time and efforts
whereas cutting the tree
requires barely a few minutes.
To cultivate good character
requires lot of time and effort
but to destroy your reputation
it requires no efforts at all.

Good people are like street lights

Good people are like street lights along the roads They don't make the distance short but they light up the path & make the walk EASY & SAFE..