Farewell Messages

It is hard to bid farewell to persons who have touched our heart.But we have no choice,so its better to accept the fact and express what they mean to us.With Farewell messages you express what your true feelings towards them.

Whichever path you choose to walk

After completing your studies in this college
you are leaving for higher studies
or to take up employment.
I am sure all that you studied in this college
will be of much help.
Whichever path you choose to walk.
All the best to you all.

Wish you happy and prosperous future

Time and tide wait for none.
So make use of all the time
at your disposal fully in
pursuit of your goal in life.
Wish you all a happy and
prosperous FUTURE.

You are retiring today after years of sincere service

After so many years of
sincere service
you are retiring today for good
May God bless you with
Good health,peace and prosperity

You have to retire from the service of this organization

When you are young you
were ever anxious to earn
name, money, fame etc.
Now, you have to retire
from the service of this organization.
For future your need is
good health and peace of mind.
We wish you these in abundance.