Exam SMS

Amazing collection of sms text messages to cheer up the dull and stressful exam season

Exams are near do not disturb me

As my xams are comin n i hv startd stdyin n i hv decided not 2 msg any more so i believe u ppl wil co operate wid me.Thanx.

Height of honesty during exam

Height of HONESTY: Sitting in an Examination Hall,
opening a chit,
memorisinig the answer and then writing it without seeing !!!

Shocks during exam study holidays

Hey dude....
A good news..
all semester exams have been cancelled due 2 elections..
2 confirm c the following website

Chak de students

India won the worldcup without coach.
Lets get Inspired We Shall Complete Our studies Without LECTURES.
Dont attnd any class..
"Chak de $tudents"

Effect of girls studying too much

Height of OverStudy
A student went to a restaurant,
She wanted to ask for d menu,
but she forgot what it was called..
So she said
""Waiter, SYLLABUS plz""

Please give my answer sheet

Wht is d mst proudest moment in a students life???
Standing in middle of the exam hall
askin Whoever has my ans sheets plz return guys i wanna submit..:)