Emotional SMS

Give your emotions words to express your heartfelt feelings

who is more closer

may be u woNt get its aNswer iN ur whole life...who is more closer? The oNe who wipes ur tear or the oNe whose memories gives ur tears...!!!

U sit alone with ur past

True experience line:
"When u sit alone, u sit more wit ur past.
The past comes as slideshow
And ends in either smiles across lips or tears in ur eyes"

NEVER underestimate anybody

"Don't think anyone as a waste fallen on a road side,,,,
Because tomorrow it may become a kite and u have to raise ur head at it!"....

Sensitive towards others feelings

Sensitive towards others feelings

Always try to be sensitive about others feelings,
because if a tear can be a symbol of happiness....
Then a smile can be a symbol of deep hurt....:

If you have to decide between Pain and the Person

Every person whom u give importance
will hurt u at some point of time ........
But it is up to u to decide what is important....

When you smile world is with you

Emotions don't have words,
wishes dont have scripts.
if u smile, the world is with u
otherwise even a tear does not like to stay with u....

Sacrifice something for someone

Its not hard to sacrifice something for someone
its hard to find someone who deserves your sacrifice.

Pain because of a single word

A painful situation !
It hurts a lot whn we typ a paragraph of lovely words in a msg
v get a response by a single word

God made the tongue and heart boneless for a good reason

Feel the depth of this sentence...
"God does not like the hardness of tongue and heart,
that is why he made them boneless".

Being alone is better than being with people who act like loving you

"Being alone is really better than
laughing with the people who hate u
but act like loving u"

Old memories and a simle with a tear in your eyes

One fine day,all of us wil get busy wit our lives,
long workin hours,
no more class,
friends n sms,
won't hav time 4 ourselves,
at such a day u'l luk outside ur window n c da gud old memories flash by,
u'l get a smile wit a tear n ur eyes n ul turn bak 2 ur work thinkin
i wish i cud go bak..
send Dis msgs 2 all ur
frnz n loved 1's
who helped 2 create such memories.

SMS and the last day in my life

If it is my last day in LIFE.
I wil die in any sec..
Cell is in my hand,waiting 4 ur last
msg !!
Wht wil U send me..?
(Reply is Must)

We will never lose them

Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love
neglect the ones who love us
We are sure we'll never lose them."Strange But Very True..!

Never be emotionally attached to anyone

"Some paths in life have to be crossed alone.
So never be emotionally attached to anyone
bcoz u never know when u have to walk alone".

I lost one who never loved me

A Boy Proposed a girl.
She rejectd.He wasn't SAD.
Frnds askd:dnt u have feelins?
Boy:Y should I feel?
I Lost 1 who never luvd me.
She lost 1 who really luvd her.

Touching reply from a friend

A touchng msg..
I deletd 1 of my frnd's no. Frm my phonbuk
Bcoz of certain misundrstndings b/w us..
2day i recivd a frnship msg
frm an unknwn no.
I replied 'WHO r u'?
d rply madE me cry..
""Idiot dont u even know the spelling of 'HOW'..?
I am fyn dude.
Friendship is always great.

One heart dies and another kills itself

A Heart dies when it is not able to share its feelings...
But a heart kills itself when another heart dosen't understands its feelings...

Cry to forget what we like

Funny but true: "At childhood we cry loudly to get what we like,
But when grown up we cry silently to forget what we like".

Reserve a space in your heart

Never reserve a space in your heart for someone
If they want to be part of your life
They will make all the effort in the world to stay
in your heart

Hand that wipes your tears

Never let go of the hand that wipes your tears
And replaces with smile on your face
becoz you may never find it again

You can hurt a heart only till it loves you

Meaningful Thought:
You can hurt a heart only till it lovez you,
not after it startz hating you
Think about it Twice!! :)

A drop of tear is costlier than anything else in the world

A drop of tear is costlier than
anything else in the world...
But no one knows its value,
until they have it in their
own eyes for someone.

Never forget the person who wiped your tears

A Noble Thought
Never 4get the person
who has been wit u
2 wipe ur tears,
wen u get some1
who made u laugh 4 2seconds..