Broken Heart Sms

It feels terrible to suffer a heartbreak but life becomes a punishment if you dont come out of it.Time to move on

Broken heart is like broken ribs

A broken heart is somewhat similiar to broken ribs no one can see it but hurts everytime you breathe

Rain can hide your tears

Heart touching quote:”Rain can hide your tears, But can't hide the Redness of your Eyes”

Hurted heart like a baby

A hurted heart is like a small baby,which can only cry,but it wont b able 2 express its feelings.So dont hurt anybody at anytime by anyway!!

Broke my heart

You broke my heart but I love you even more with every broken piece.

Never break four things in ur life

Never break four things in ur life-promise,trust,relation and love bcoz..When they break they don't make noise but pains a lot..

Hurts to love someone who ignores you

Sum 1 asked,”how does it feel 2 luv sum 1 who ignores u? “After a deep breath,I answrd, “its like hugging a cactus”.The tighter u hug ,,,d more it hurts.!

Everlasting golden words in ur inbox

Everlasting golden words in ur inbox..... You hate your life but sum people dream of having your life and some people dream of having you in their life.

I Just let you go

Someday you will cry for me Like i cried for you Someday you will miss me Like i missed you Someday you will need me Like i needed you Someday you will love me but i wont love you..

Deepest love

Deepest love is d biggest sorrow in this world.

Life is just like a sea

Life is just like a sea,
we r moving without end.
Nothing stays with us.
wat remains is just the memories of some people who touched us as waves

How mistakes happen

Mistakes happen by situation, not by intention.
Alwys try to know d reason behind evry mistake of ur dear ones.
Dats d way to value a relation.

Feel good for people who

Feel good 4 those who love u..
Feel better for those who miss u...
But feel the best for those who never 4 gets u just like me...

Na UNHONE Yaad Kiya Aur Na Hum Unko Bhula Sake

"Na Wo Aa SAKE Na Hum Kabi Ja Sake,
Na Dard DIL Ka Unko Suna Sake,
Bas Baithe H YAADO Me Unki,
Na UNHONE Yaad Kiya Aur Na Hum Unko Bhula Sake...."

Hard to realize the painful truth

Painful truth:
"When god has already decided who will be our partner,
Then why does he make us to love some1 so much who cant be ours"....!!!

It hurts to know that we are no longer special to them

What hurts the most?
"When we r special for someone till yesterday
and today they make us feel we r nothing for them".

Prove that we have guest role in their life

"In life we love and care for some people more than others....
But some times they prove that we have only guest role in their life"

Pyar hota hai ek bar

EK Lamha Jo Baar Baar Satata Hai,
Na Jane Yedil Kya Chahta Hai.
Kash Woh Hote Hamari Nazro K Samne Hamesha,
Par Na Jane Kyun yeh Kash,
Kash Hi Reh Jata Hai.

To live with the pain

"To die for failure in life
is not the big thing.
To live with that pain
with smile forever is the real achievement."

better to leave it unexplained until we find the answer

We dont know y we love someone so much....
and wish that they stay in our life forever
even though we know that our wish will never come true
sometimes somethings are better left unexplained
until we find the answer

Pain of separation

You never know the pain of separation
until you experience separation

Difficult to forget the one who is close to our heart

Its difficult to forget the one who
is close to our heart becoz
they make a mark on our heart
And that mark always pains
when we try to forget them....

Only thing that remains atlast is the loneliness

A true fact :
Watever relation u m8 b having in dis world,
d only thing remains atlast is d loneliness
wid lot's n lot's of sweet memories !

Laugh a lot to hide the unspoken sadness

Nice Quote: When i was small.,
i laughed LESS but there was infinite hidden JOY..!
As i grew up., i learnt to laugh a LOT
to hide the unspoken SADNESS...!

You cannot be hurt by anyone unless that person is special to you

U cannot hurt som1
who feels nothing special 4u
And u cannot be hurt by anyone
unless dat person is sumwat special 2u.
Think abt tis.. :-)

Thats sure and pure love

Impressive line:
Dont cry for any body
bcoz de r nt fit for u r tears .
The one who is fit for u r tears
ill nt allow u to cry .
Thats sure n pure love ..

Dil sirf rulane wale ko chahta hai

Kuch rishte hasate hai";
kuch rishte rulate hai;
par hamesha ye kyun hota hai;
k laak samja ne par b dil sirf;
"rulane wale ko chahta hai.....

Sometimes Special people come into your life

Sometimes special people
come into ur life
only to teach u
how to live without them.
Sad but true..

You dont need me at all

words by a brkn heart
The saddest part isn't tht
wid each passing day
i feel lik i need u more
bt it's d fact tht
u dnt need me at all.

Never say words of love if you don t mean it

Nvr say wrds of lov if d feelin isnt tru,
nvr share feelin if u mean 2 brk a hrt,
nvr luk in d eyes if u hv 2 lie,
nvr say hello if u mean 2 say gud bye
becoz it hurts

Sometimes Hurt is needed to make you grow

Sometimes... Hurt is Needed to Make u Grow,
Failure is Needed to Make u know,
Loss is Needed to Mak u gain,
coz sum lessons r best
when learnt through pain

No matter you win or lose in love

No matter u win or lose in love,
at the end of the day
u'l alwys regret 4 wat u did.....:-)

World is full of people but still gives the feeling of Loneliness

Tears rol down d cheeks,but no1 2 stop them.
People say "I care" but as usual dey r just words.
D world s full of ppl but
still it gives d feeling of Loneliness.

The more I try to forget that person

Cool fact..! The more u go away frm a person d more ur heart goes near dem. The more u try 2 forget a person d more u r surrounded by thr memories...:-)

Being in love with a person who is unattainable

Being in love with a person who is unattainable will only hurt you in the end

You are not alone Chill

Everyone encounters hardships at some point in life So Chill! You are not alone

Not lose heart and come out of it successfully

Come what may Take the pledge today To not lose heart And to come out of it successfully