Advice SMS

We always like to advice free of cost but nobody likes free advices, now use this collection of text messages to advice someone just by changing the way the advices are given

You cannot change your future

"You can not change your future
but u can change ur habits
and surly ur habits will change ur future".

People will always have something to say

Always do what u want do in life,,,
Dont mind what others people say because whether u do it or not...:)
"People always have something to say"

Mistakes happen by situations and not by intention

"Mistakes happen by situations, not by intention.
So always try to know the reason
behind every mistakes of ur loved one and rise above it".

Choose a Person carefully if you wish not to be hurt

"Choose a best person like a mirror,
because wen u cry,
it never laughs....
So u will never be hurt..."

Control your mind and you can control anything in the world

"Mind is the most powerful thing in the world....
one who has control over his mind,
can control anything in the world".

Balance sentiments with practicality

Good things in Life:
1."If u become too sentimental. its too hard to lead life".
2."If u become too practical, its too tough to respect relations"...!!!
Try to balance sentiments with practicality!

Learn to give ur absence

"Learn to give ur absence to those who don't appreciate ur presence"

Live in the Present and you will be at peace

"If u r DEPRESSED, u r living in the PAST",
"If u r ANXIOUS, u r in the FUTURE",
"If u r at PEACE, u r living in the PRESENT". Always be at peace

Learn your lessons at the right time

"When we don't learn lessons at the right time".
"Life will compel us to learn at a wrong time".

Try it one more time before you call it quits

"There is one very simple rule for success that we need to learn.
Just try one more time in a different way before u decide it quit".

Truth is better than a Lie

A TRUTH can walk naked,,,,
a LIE always needs to be dressed well...!!!!

Always look for what's Wrong

Short n sweet:
"Always look for what's wrong before looking who's wrong".

World is not a parking space

World is not a Parking space".. it is a Racing track..
Keep on moving..
No matter when
where you start but reach your Goal & make a new Record.

Good work will make you the king of success

"If u r a servant to ur good work,
then u will be the king of the success"

SMS inbox outbox and life

Hasi ko Inbox,
Aasuo ko Outbox,
Gusse ko Hold,
Muskan ko Sent , Help ko Ok,
Dil ko karo vibrate,
Fir dekho Jindagi ki Ringtone kitni pyari hai....

Dont let passions destroy dreams

"We must not let our passions destroy our dreams.

Best part and worst part of life

"Without crossing the worst situations, no one can touch the best corners of life. So always taste worst situation for the best results".

Control your attitude

"Either u control your attitude or it will control you".

Quarrels amplify misunderstanding

"Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding".

U need not remember anything if u tell the truth

Remember"If u tell truth u do not have to remember anything".

Be firm on ur choice

"Choose the one which u like the most,,,
But then
after do not compare it to another".

Never hold your head high with Pride or ego

"Never hold your head high with pride or ego.
Even the winner of a gold medal is a winner
only when he puts his head down".

Hard work is the only way to success

Efforts may fail But don't fail 2 make efforts.
Great things always come late.
Believe in urself.
There is no shortcut 2 success
but only way is HARDWORK

Maximum Level of satisfaction in life

"To get maximum level of satisfaction in your life,
go with minimum level of expectations".

Trust till the end or learn a lesson

If u trust sum1, trust til d end.. watevr d results may be..
at d end eithr u wil have a very good frnd or a very good lesson....

Reason for problems in life

Reason for problems in life are
Either we act without thinking
or we keep thinking
without acting

Each one of us come with an expiry date

Each and everyone of us come with an expiry date.
Only that we are unaware of date
But this is no excuse
to live life haphazardly
One should make efforts
to live life to the fullest

Always have a unique character like salt

Always have a unique character like Salt
Its presence is not felt
but its absence make things Tasteless

Do your first step carefully and clearly

if d first button in a shirt is put wrong
every button next to tat ll be wrong.
so do ur first step carefully & clearly.

Learn to live in the present

Nicely Said:
Learn to Live in the Present,
Bcoz No amount of GUILT
can change the Past
And No amount of WORRY
can change the Future!